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EiZiShield is a Brand Offering Premium Quality Products at Competitive Prices and With Best Customer Service. Our Goal Is 100% Customer Satisfaction With Our Products And Shopping Experience.

EiZiShield Screen Protectors Specialize In Touch Sensitivity And Adhesive Strength. Our Protectors Offer Highest Quality Scratch Protection And Smooth Swipe Experience Without Compromising Original Touch Sensitivity And Swipe Experience Of Your High Performance Touch Screen (As Far As Used With A Compatible Phone Case). Our Goal Is To Offer Highest Quality Products At Competitive Price Compared To Named Brands, And We Do Everything We Can To Help Our Customers To Correctly Use The Protectors And Enjoy The Touch Screen To Fullest.

Imperfect Installation? Just drop us a message and we will do our best to help! Regardless of the fault! We follow 30 day full refund/replacement policy (Please read full description of warranty policy below), and in genuine rare situations, we even try to exceed the 30 day warranty limit on case by case basis. Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction with our products and shopping experience with us. Our warranty covers both EIZISHIELD and EiZiTEK brand products. However, in order to qualify for a warranty, you must register your purchase/product with us on EIZISHIELD.com (Privacy policy applies). If you purchased the product at EIZISHIELD.com, your purchase is already registered. However, if you purchased your product from anywhere else, you must register your product by visiting EIZISHIELD.com within 7 days from date of your purchase. 30 DAY WARRANTY FROM DATE OF PURCHASE: We describe our products with full clarity, and we do not believe in misleading limited lifetime warranties that require buyers to send restocking/shipping/handling charges for warranty claims. Our protectors are made from highest quality materials to offer highest touch sensitivity and adhesive strength. However, life of glass screen protectors depend on many factors and ultimately, any glass can break depending on factors such as height of drop, glass curvature, angle of drop, surface of drop, use, and case compatibility. Hence, we adhere to One Month Full Replacement/Return Policy when the protector does not survive for one full month from date of purchase, or does not exceed your expectations in terms of quality. Beyond 30 days and up to 60 days from date of purchase, we accept returns only when the package is Un-opened and product is unused. WARNING / DISCLAIMER: Our products do not include any device warranties or device insurance, 0r any insurance related to user injury/injuries. A broken glass can cause injury, and hence should be immediately discarded and properly disposed when it is damaged or found defective. We are not responsible or liable for any user injury that may cause during installation or when continuing to use broken/cracked or even with intact glass. Also, our screen protector products do not include any device warranties or device protection plans. Glass screen protectors are secondary protection (Primary protection is the user of the device and careful use), and hence protectors as well as device must be used and handled carefully. By purchasing our products from this website or by registering our products with us purchased from any other website, you understand and agree to this warranty and liability policy. If there are any questions, please contact us at eizishield@outlook.com prior to placing your order.